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Brian started Delos Shipping in 2009, and grew the business from no ships to 58 vessels from 2010-2016.

Brian Ladin explains high yield financing for shipping

As one of the fastest-growing markets, shipping has slowly climbed to the top of the world’s for-profit industries.

Brian Ladin’s Alternative Financing Methods for Acquiring Ship

A question you may have never considered is: how do shipping companies stay afloat?

Brian Ladin Shares the Trends in Ship Financing to Look out for in 2020

As the shipping industry continues to expand, which is now reaching some historical highs, the number of investors who make hefty gains continues to grow.

In recent months and years, many industries have seen and felt the direct effects of the trade war between the United States of ...

After a short period of distress in this sector, dry bulk shipping is once more poised for a period of growth. Dry bulk shipping involves the movement of commodities shipped in bulk ...

Brian Ladin Explores Big Changes Made in the Booming Container Shipping Industry and the Impact it has on our Planet

Container shipping is one of the most popular modes of transportation in the world.

Brain Ladin Discusses Leases as a Form of Private Financing for Vessel Acquisitions

Continuing to acquire vessels is essential if a shipping company wishes to remain competitive and successful in the industry.

Shipping Investments

As the majority of new investors focus on mainstream assets, the likes of which include stocks and bonds, market opportunities for those willing to venture into less popular spheres grow.


After Hurricane Harvey tore through the Houston area in 2017, the shocking consequences included 68 casualties, 275 trillion pounds of rain, and $125 billion in damages.

Brian Ladin Analyzes the Merits of Unmanned Versus Manned Vessels

As the talks of unmanned vessels intensify, it is becoming quite clear that the only questionable thing about this invention is its timing.

In 2017, the trucking industry amassed a mind-boggling total of $700 billion in revenue in the U.S. alone.

Brian Laden, CEO of Delos Shipping

Brian Ladin grew up in Houston, Texas and attended Tulane University. Brian is a Chartered Financial Analyst and is currently the CEO of Delos Shipping.

Brian Ladin grew up in Houston, Texas and attended Tulane University. Brian is a Chartered Financial Analyst and is currently the CEO of Delos Shipping.


Cruising is a sought-after vacation with many advantages. When people go on a cruise, they can be assured that they will receive a premium vacation experience with many amazing amenities.

Container shipping, or containerization, is one of the most popular transportation methods around the world. Shipping containers are able to carry all kinds of items, from dry goods ...

Brian Ladin Explains the Benefits of Battery Powered And Petroleum-Powered Ships

Many assume that car transportation is among the most environmentally unfriendly component of human civilization.

Delos Shipping’s Brian Ladin Explores Fuel Regulations’ Impact on the Logistics Industry

The logistics and shipping of goods is often taken for granted by the average citizen — their connection to the matter usually fails to surpass the ordering of material and the tracking of an item’s delivery online.

Delos Shipping’s Brian Ladin — The Shipping Industry is Destined for Grand Changes

As is the norm with all industries, the world of shipping has endured its fair share of adjustments throughout the last 20 years.

Brian Ladin Set to Invest in Renewable Energy

Brian Ladin has constantly set his sights high, relying on his work ethic to achieve even the loftiest of ambitions.

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Nearly everything that humans do to support their way of life gives off greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are those that enter the air and retain heat within earth's atmosphere.


As the novel coronavirus spreads across the globe, the strain on the healthcare industry is very evident and growing, as cases are being found in new countries and cities daily.

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Container shipping is one of the most widely used transportation methods in existence.


Financing a new cruise line involves million- and in some cases billion-dollar budgets. Cruise ships are expensive and feature the latest technologies.


Independent power producers sell electricity on the open market. They are fueled by coal, oil, and gas, as well as renewable sources like solar and wind.