Brian Ladin

Founder, Delos Investment Management, LLC.

About Brian Ladin

Brian Ladin is the Chief Executive Officer for Delos Shipping which focuses on the shipping industry. It is a ship leasing platform. Delos provides maritime assets and financing for end users. As a leader in the industry, he is recognized internationally for successfully completing several transactions, and acquisitions.

Brian Ladin shares his experiences in the shipping industry in a series of media articles, blogs and interviews.

Brian Ladin’s Alternative Financing Methods for Acquiring Ship

A question you may have never considered is: how do shipping companies stay afloat?

Brian Ladin Shares the Trends in Ship Financing to Look out for in 2020

As the shipping industry continues to expand, which is now reaching some historical highs, the number of investors who make hefty gains continues to grow.

Brian Laden, CEO of Delos Shipping

Brian grew up in Houston, Texas and attended Tulane University. Brian is a Chartered Financial Analyst and is currently the CEO of Delos Shipping.

Thrive Global - Brian Ladin

Brian started Delos Shipping in 2009, and grew the business from no ships to 58 vessels from 2010-2016.